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Adriana Smit

If i win the tickets this year, i will be enjoying the markets and the amazing food and wine, as Franchhoek is definitely one of my favorite places. And how awesome is celebrating this event with special friends!!

Simone Schultz

I would love to share this experience with 3 friends (who will have to wear their berets!) and we are planning on getting the vintage 1952 Citroen on the road for the occasion! Bastille Festival and Franschhoek go together like wine with cheese! Please let me win, please please please!

Ashley Arendse

I experienced Bastille day in Paris,France and this year i got two of my best friends from Nantes, France here and would love them to experience Bastille day in our beautiful country ! please let me win

Mareli de Lange


I can't wait to go on my first Bastille experience!

I live in the Cape Town area and will be kicking off the Bastille Festival with a warm up wine tasting on Friday to get in the groove for the festival that will be starting on Saturday. I’ll start at Haute Cabrière with their amazing view of the Franschhoek valley, stunning Cap Classique and Unwooded Pinot Noir. There after I’ll move on to Boekenhoutskloof and finish off at the Franschhoek Wine Cellar for a Cheese and Wine tasting.

On Saturday I’ll walk through the famous Main Road of Franschhoek and enjoy The Bastille Solms-Delta Parade, have lunch at one of the many famous restaurants and cheer on the Barrel Roll competitors as the streets are filled with laughter.

On Sunday I would love to be sampling some of the best food and wine that Franschhoek has to offer at the Bastille Food & Wine Marquee, thereafter I’ll be cheering on the waiters in their race and to end off this unforgettable weekend of French flair I’ll go for a ride on the Franschhoek Wine Tram.

So I bid you adieu till the Bastille Festival is here.

Au Revoir!

Nicole Visser

As it is my Birthday on the 14th of July, I will be celebrating it with my friends and family in Franschhoek on Bastille Day! How fun!!! :)

Ané  Nieuwoudt

I have never been to the Bastille festival and have been wanting to go for so long now. I love going to wine festivals and to experience all the different wines that each winery has to offer. A few friends and I am planning to ride the MTB challenge at francshhoek on the 14th of July, so it will be awesume to win tickets to go to the festival after the MTB challenge. To attend the Bastille festival and taste different wines and cheeses will definatly be the perfect ending to a good weekend. I'll try to experience as much as I can while I'm there and to taste all the best wines that Franschhoek has to offer. So excited to experience my first MTB challenge and my first Bastille festival :)


Oh, no.1 The Bastille & Village Market in the morning and then the Bastille Food & Wine Marquee in the afternoon till late.

Love spending time in Franschhoek - feels like you're in France.


First time experiencing this festival, glad my girlfriend is down on holiday in time for it!

Sheridan Bossenger

The festival was so great last year, except I should not have eaten breakfast before I arrived at the Marquee! This year, I will ensure I go straight to the marquee to experience all the amazing food,especially from the Top restaurants such as Le Petite Ferme. I hope that all the same wine estates are there! I want to drink wine from La Motte - MY FAVORITE!!! I plan to party the day away tasting all the wines and food. Then going to one of the amazing restaurants afterwards! Can't wait. Even if I don't win, you will see me there.

Lisa Allnutt

I would love the chance to win these tickets! This will be my third time at Bastille with my best friends! We always soak up the good spirit and enjoy the day tasting wine in our favourite little town Franschoek!!

Nicoline Langenhoven

That's me in the Picture!!!! Awesome!!! I'll spend it the same as last year... Loads of FuN, LaUgHtEr and GREAT WINE at the Bastille Festival! :)


I've never been - shock horror - I've got to set things right, don a beret and say oui, oui to all things Franschhoek at the festival by dancing around the markets and clinking glasses with everyone. It also happens to be my birthday on the 1st July...two weeks of birthday celebrations can't be wrong??

Debbie Menking

This is the place for good wine, friends and delicious food to celebrate Bastille day in style! To be thankful for all we have and celebrate all the good things in life :-)

Glenda Dolleer

ola la so much fun and so little time..eating, buying, boule and barrel rolling with the appropriate wine and a dose of French Culture...Roll on Bastille Day and the wonderful Franchhoek Valley, chic, charm and champagne


I love all things French! Will get super dressed up, and head straight to the SPCA bouls tournament to support, enjoy the day in the marquee looking for any sparkling wine, and then enjoy the barrel rolling competition. And get my face painted!


sucking oysters and sipping red wine in the tent while the missus amuses herself with shopping - eish life could be worse!

Sasha O'Hare

Would love the experience the wine and food!!

Natalie Bossenger

Will definitely visit both the Basille and Village Markets - always an interesting walk aroundn - wearing our berets of course. Then on to the Food and Wine Marquee for lots of wine tasting and good food. This year hopefully the good weather comes to the party as well.


If I win this competition I will propose to my boyfriend there!! :) :) :)

Santie Potgieter

Ek sal mal wees daaroor om so iets te wen! Mal oor die Kaap!


En remportant ces billets, je peux montrer à mes amis Franschhoek à son meilleur au cours de Bastille. Bastille est incroyable!


This is certainly a weekend to be enjoyed in the beautiful Franschoek Valley rather than just a day. I would love to plan the stay in a local hotel and do as much as possible that is on the plan. The dinner sounds amazing and right up my alley!

Jessica Gouws

Seeing that I am of French Heritage with my surname (Gouws) Bastille Day is the most exciting and anticipated time of year for me.

I would make a weekend of it and theme out the whole weekend. Everything would be French inspired. From a big french dinner on Friday evening to start off with my 3 best girlfriends. Starting off in our berets and sipping champagne and listening to Edith Piaf.

We would then wake up nice and early and head to the market in the town hall to collect some delish fresh food to have a picnic and soak up the vibe around Franshoek. Dressed in our berets of course. A highlight, which I would never miss, would be to watch the barrel rolling with glass of wine in hand. Soaking in all the fun and festivities.

After a long day we would get a nice early night and be ready for a full Sunday packed with wine tasting, great food and amazing french music.

Come rain or shine there is no day better than this one throughout the year. Even last year when the rain poured it was still my best day of the year. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me the tickets. It would make my year!

Michele de Chastelain

I would like to win tickets to Bastille Day in honour of my French friend Alain who passed away earlier this year quite suddenly. I would love to play Boulles in the challenge and enjoy all the delicious food and wine the festival has to offer.

Margie Cunnama

I plan to eat, drink and be merry in my beret!!

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